We partner with CEO’s, HR Directors, senior management, individuals, athletes and organisations on wellbeing and performance strategy.


We measure people’s engagement through a wellbeing and performance perspective to enable personal best moments.


We believe happy people perform better and so our coaching model brings together our knowledge of elite sports performance and wellbeing.


We establish what talent means to you and where to find more when you need it.

Equity Mind

We help you understand minds and demonstrate that you value equity.

Our Products


Wellbeing Strategy

We partner with you to create a wellbeing strategy for organisations and individuals that enables you to perform at your best and enjoy the process.

Engagement Survey

We utilise our unique insight to deliver Engagement surveys for organisations and provide recommendations to improve engagement.


Our talent assessment model is rooted in lessons from elite sport and enables better hiring and internal talent decisions.
Equity Mind

Mental Health

We partner with you on mental health strategy and offer services such as psychotherapy.

Wellbeing Survey

We deliver wellbeing surveys for organisations and provide recommendations to improve wellbeing and performance.


Our coaching model enables executives, athletes and people from all sectors to be at their personal best.


We know what great looks like and have developed a system to deliver this when you need it.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

We partner with world leading experts to create and deliver tailored E,D&I strategies for organisations.