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About Us

The premise of WellbeingPB is simple, it is about utilising our unique insight across elite sport and business to enable people to be at their personal best. We firmly believe that Happy People Perform Better and that people should enjoy the process.

WellbeingPB is a global wellbeing, engagement and performance consultancy founded by Gary Bloom, Scott Brown and Carlie Maxfield. 

Gary is a leading clinical psychotherapist specialising in working with organisations, executives, Olympic athletes and sports professionals, helping them achieve their goals. Gary conceived and presented the award winning radio programme ‘On the Sporting Couch’ on TalkSPORT, where celebrity sportsmen and women talk about their personal lives. Gary is also a published author with his most recent title being ‘Keeping your Head in the Game’.

Scott is an international athlete who has played in European Championships and National events, while also growing a career in global organisations as an expert in wellbeing, engagement and performance. Scott holds an MA in Social Sciences, Masters in Human Resources, Executive MBA, FCIPD and is a black belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Carlie is an award winning leader who has a passion for taking start up organisations and SME’s through growth and enabling their teams to become best in class. Carlie holds a BA in Textile design and national retailer of the year awards for Leadership, Engagement and Sales.

We bring together world leading experts to partner with you and improve wellbeing, engagement and performance for your organisation and you.